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An ARRL Affiliated Club
February 2017
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President --  Jon Bart - K6QVA    qvajpb@gmail.com
Vice-President -- Ron Patten - KG6HSQ    kg6hsq@fallbrookarc.org
Secretary/Treasurer -- Ken Dickson - W6MF    kpdickson@sbcglobal.net

146.175 MHZ (+) Tone 107.2 Red Mtn.
445.600 MHZ (-) Tone 107.2 Red Mtn.
Local ARES NET (Every Tuesday 7:00 pm)

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The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

Name Call Date Expires
Fourth Notice

Ortega, Eric KJ6MTH 9/30/2016
Second Notice

Beach, Paul WA6SYA 1/31/2017

Zornes, Hy KJ6KLA 1/31/2017
First Notice

Baker, Noel

Eyerman, Jim
KI6OHO 2/28/2017

Hansen, Andre
K6AH 2/28/2017

Lara, Conrad

Perrine, Hayden
KG6YVD 2/28/2017

Perrine, Krissy
KR6SSY 2/28/2017

There will be no more paper notices mailed due to the rising cost of postage and supplies.
All future notices will  be sent electronically. See Members List for your expires date.



Fallbrook ARES Net Members
A reminder that just checking into the Fallbrook Net does not automatically make you a ARES member. You need to be up to date in the data base at www.sdgares.net. WF6L,  KJ6AEU are in the data base and need to sign in for yearly update.

Ron Patten, KG6HSQ
Fallbrook ARES AEC
Simplex Net
After the local ARES net (Every Tuesday 7:00 pm) KI6OHO is running a simplex check-in on 145.555. Used to get familiar with simplex operations, and who can talk to who.

Yuma Hamfest
The Yuma Hamfest is just a little over two months away on February 17-18, and we would like to ask that you, your club or group help us in spreading the word about our event.  Yuma has become the site of one of the largest hamfests in the southwestern U.S. and will be the site of the ARRL Arizona Section Convention for 2017.

We feature commercial vendors, tailgating, grand prizes worth over $25,000, on-site RV camping, free parking, seminars held in parallel tracks, $8 amateur license testing, DXCC card checking, an antenna clinic & transmitter hunt, our famous "Buzzard BBQ" dinner, a near-space balloon launch, great hourly door prizes, a hospitality area, the "Country Store" consignment sales area, and much more.

Admission is only $5, tailgating spots are $10 for the weekend, and we offer a food concession run by a professional chef.  Our "Buzzard BBQ" dinner is only $10.  We hope you and members of your club mark February 17-18 on your calendars and plan on attending the Arizona Section Convention in Yuma.

Please check our website at www.yumahamfest.org for more information.  If you have questions, contact us at info@yumahamfest.org or by phone at 928-305-1034.  If you can, please announce information about the Yuma Hamfest via your club’s newsletter, meetings or local nets.  Thank you very much for your help.

Attached is a flyer for the 2017 Yuma Hamfest.  Please note the change in the talk-in frequency.

Roger Hunt, K7MEX
Volunteer, Yuma Hamfest

de W6VR
Why countries aren't rushing to replace FM radio
Ten Communications Technology Trends for 2017
Tesla driver stranded in the desert after smartphone app failure
Tesla driver stranded in the desert after smartphone app failure
Electric Fields Fight Deadly Brain Tumors - IEEE Spectrum
A fascinating new way to fight deadly brain tumors:
Electric Fields Fight Deadly Brain Tumors
San Diego designated as 'proving ground' for self-driving cars
San Diego designated as 'proving ground' for self-driving cars
Image-based algorithm can identify skin cancer as well as dermatologists | Fox News
A fascinating article that allows us to see into the near-future:
Bye bye Bay City Television
This article says it all. Bay City TV (San Diego) will fold and "CW" TV programming will move to KFMB:

Self-driving cars are prone to hacks — and automakers are barely talking about it
Driverless cars are prone to hacks, but automakers aren't addressing - Business Insider
There is absolutely no reason to believe that the sort of unanticipated clever hacks that we see on the internet won't occur with self-driving cars. The  "we have firewalls" defense is laughable, as if a firewall has never been breached before. History will repeat itself.
India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans
India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans - The New York Times
LG threatens to put Wi-Fi in every appliance it introduces in 2017
Think printer ink. Next my fridge won't cool unless I enable WiFi and view commercials on the display...
Unsecure routers, webcams prompt feds to sue D-Link
And then there is Netgear
The Netgear router flaw post mortem -- plenty of blame to go around | Computerworld
And more
Router Bugs Flaws Hacks and Vulnerabilities
And the government wants to mandate Vehicle to Vehicle (v2v) communications. The auto industry says it safe because they have "firewalls" (routers).
Official Galaxy Note 7 investigation blames small battery cases, poor welding | Ars Technica
Sent from my iPad
Toyota's Gill Pratt on Self-Driving Cars and the Reality of Full Autonomy - IEEE Spectrum
"He told IEEE Spectrum’s Evan Ackerman at CES earlier this month that humans tend to overtrust this type of technology."
8TB, HGST disks show top reliability, racking up 45 years without failure | Ars Technica

The ARES E-Letter
Letter at: www.arrl.org/ares-el?issue=current

Technical Committee: Bob-W6VR, Chris-AA4CD, Daryl-WA5QMV, Ron-KG6HSQ, Brent-KJ6UMY

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Duane, AA6EE is offering FARC members the Callbook 2016 Summer Edition CD or USB stick for $7.95.
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Duane Heise, AA6EE
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  • Multi-Lingual: English, Spanish, German & French selectable
Comments and items of interest for publishing should be directed to: N6FQ@fallbrookarc.org
Ron Patten - KG6HSQ

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