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September 2017
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President --  Jon Bart - K6QVA    qvajpb@gmail.com
Vice-President -- Ron Patten - KG6HSQ    kg6hsq@fallbrookarc.org
Secretary/Treasurer -- Ken Dickson - W6MF    kpdickson@sbcglobal.net

146.175 MHZ (+) Tone 107.2 Red Mtn.
445.600 MHZ (-) Tone 107.2 Red Mtn.
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The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

Name Call Date Expires

Potter, Hal KF6FHL 7/31/2017

Badolian, Shawn KK6NLZ 8/31/2017

Olms, Randy KJ6AEU 8/31/2017

Parkinson, Bill KI6KVD 8/31/2017

Bart, Jon K6QVA 9/30/2017

Donlevy, Al W6GNI 9/30/2017

Gill, Robert  KD6LVF 9/30/2017

Leonelli, Phil WF6L 9/30/2017

Weldy, Andrew KG6YWB 9/30/2017

There will be no more paper notices mailed due to the rising cost of postage and supplies.
All future notices will  be sent electronically. See Members List for your expires date.



de K6RJF
Hurricane Harvey ham radio response
The ARRL web site http://www.arrl.org/harvey has good links about ham radio response to Hurricane Harvey. 

Rob, K6RJF
Assistant Section Manager (Training)
San Diego Section

Know Your Hazards Tool

de W6VR
Experiment in Rainbow
Itron, Inc. has been granted an FCC experimental license (WI2XVZ) for RF ID testing in Rainbow, CA.  Both fixed and mobile operation granted, 2400-2483.5 MHz. FCC application #0282-EX-CN-2017.
The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run, is it Dead Hand?
Sounds of the Nightmare Machine
Ever wonder how some of those creepy sounds are made in horror movies? Wonder no more.  Video:
Marian Diamond Studied the Secrets of Boosting Brain Power
A wonderful and inspiring article:
Robocaller Tentatively Fined $82 Million
Another "robocaller" using spoofed caller-ID is tentatively fined $82 million by the FCC. Now, just 10,365 more robocallers to be identified and given uncollectible fines:
Ham Radio Felony Question
By this Public Notice, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announces that FCC Form 605, Quick-Form Application for Authorization in the Ship, Aircraft, Amateur, Restricted and Commercial Operator, and General Mobile Radio Services, has been revised in both paper and electronic form to ask whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony....
Just Say No
Amateur Radio Parity Act
Radio World: Using DF Techniques to Track Down FM Broadcast Pirates
National EAS Test Set for September 27, 2017
William and Mary professor works to save birds from building strikes
FYI here is an article on bird collisions with buildings, towers and the like. This is a topic that never goes away, so here is a progress report on averting bird strikes including a possible solution called an "acoustic lighthouse" to warn birds of impending danger:
Scientists remotely hacked a brain, controlling body movements
Timeline: Advances in Audio - IEEE
Key engineering breakthroughs affect how we listen to music
Former US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, conquers his day with this one small task in the morning - YouTube, six minute video.
The Future of TV Delivery
Future TV will be largely Internet-delivered but our local stations will hang on as long as possible. Here is the latest:
Cell Networks Suffer Outages in Harvey’s Wake - WSJ
Harvey report for 8/27/17
Commercial communications impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey as of Sunday, 8/27/17 @ 11 AM:
Harvey report for Monday, 8/28/17
Commercial communications impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey as of Monday, 8/28/17 @ 11 AM EDT:
Amateur radio will undoubtedly play an important role in providing critical communications although it is too early to determine the extent of that assistance.

OpenEMS.de | Homepage
OpenEMS is a free and open electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method. Matlab or Octave are used as an easy and flexible scripting interface. http://openems.de/start/index.php
Is There a Giant Planet Lurking Beyond Pluto?
This is Why Mylar Balloons and Power Lines Don’t Mix
At a neighborhood in Long Beach, California, a power line worker captured this video of an accident waiting to happen. Mylar balloons flew and got stuck onto a power line that a crew was working on. Crew members were instructed to climb down the pole to be safe in case they caused an explosion from contact. The crew called to have the line de-energized. Before the line could be de-energized the balloons made a line to ground contact causing an explosion and burning down 2 of the 3 lines. http://www.chonday.com/Videos/milarbalon5
Tropical Storm Harvey takes out 911 centers, cell towers, and cable networks
Hurricane Harvey - When All Else Fails, Amateur Radio

de W6PLT

1940's Carrier in the Pacific
Great color footage ....

1940's Aircraft Carrier In The Pacific - Rare color footage. This is 16mm color (not "colorized") footage that you may not have seen of carrier action in the Pacific. Not many color shots in the '40's - extremely expensive then, with a complicated and exacting processing process.  Enjoy...


Amateur Radio Demonstration
A small group (ARTTT) will be demonstrating amateur radio to the public at Oceanside harbor days September 16 and 17.  If your club would like, we will display your club's trifold for the public's information during this event. This is in association with the local Cert group.
Point of contact will be Conrad

de AA6EE
I enjoyed the item in the FARC August bulletin about a customer paying with $2 bills at Best Buy. I paid for a purchase the other day at a Goodwill store & had no problem.  An recycler here in Ramona gives $2 bills in payment. I think it is a
good way to show the local merchants that the money is from a local company.

73, Duane, AA6EE

ARRL Finally Realizes Status Quo Isn’t Going To Cut It
By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU
An item in the July 2017 ARRL board meeting caught my attention. It notes that a committee of staff members was tasked with identifying the challenges facing ARRL and possible solutions. The August 3, 2017 issue of the ARRL Letter ran the following report:

“ARRL Chief Executive Officer Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, presented the report of six Headquarters staffers who had been tasked with identifying the challenges facing ARRL and devising feasible solutions. Specifically, the committee addressed market research findings that have continued to reveal that only a small percentage of new hams join the League, and only about one-half of new hams actually get on the air.

“The committee began with the premise that ARRL must act in order to remain relevant going forward. It proposed instituting a Lifelong Learning Program to focus on developing a clear developmental path for all radio amateurs, from newcomers to established radio amateurs. The committee recommended the creation of new programs and services to increase the knowledge base of newcomers in order to get them active, as well as programs to keep experienced amateurs up to date with changing technology and practice.”

The board meeting minutes were a little more detailed:

“Mr. Roderick yielded the floor to CEO Gallagher who presented the report of a committee of staff members tasked with identifying the challenges facing ARRL and possible solutions. The members of the committee – Diane Petrilli, KB1RNF; Norm Fusaro, W3IZ; Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY; Debra Jahnke, K1DAJ; Steve Ford, WB8IMY; and Sean Kutzko, KX9X, joined the meeting at 9:20 AM, to present this report. Their findings show the importance to ARRL of getting newly licensed hams actively on the air and how that relates to continued growth of the organization. In order to achieve that goal, the committee proposed developing a lifelong learning department, which would address the needs of all amateurs with the focus being on developing a clear knowledge path for all amateurs. They proposed creating straightforward programs and services to enhance the knowledge base of new amateurs as well as to enhance their sense of community within the hobby.

“Another recommendation involved refocusing the priorities of the emergency preparedness department to address the current trends in public service.

“A third recommendation was to improve the value proposition of membership. The committee proposed doing a survey, which would include test material that is targeted to the interests of newer hams. The content would include a strong emphasis on serving communities, agencies, and partners; digital communications, and human interest. Projects would be simple. The survey would obtain information on new ham’s interests and needs in the hobby. The survey would also try to determine the delivery system that might best meet the newcomer’s desire for receiving this type information (print, digital, messaging, etc). The test material is proposed to be delivered to recipients in fall 2017.

“From the committee’s vantage point, the status quo is no longer adequate: we need to have a vision of the future and convey it to our current membership. If we do not convey the need to change the paradigm, the ARRL’s relevancy will not move forward.”

The good thing here is that the ARRL finally realizes that there are some serious problems. I’ve written about these in the past. I’ve challenged the ARRL to set a membership goal of 25% of the licensed amateurs in the U.S (http://www.kb6nu.com/arrl-membership-is-25-asking-too-much/). I’ve also encouraged the ARRL to play a bigger part in emergency communications research (http://www.kb6nu.com/go-big-go-early-go-fast-smart/).

Unfortunately, it appears that the ARRL is approaching this issue in typical ARRL fashion. That is, working on these issues in their little cocoon in Newington and then issuing these statements as if they expect everyone to just fall in line. I quote, “From the committee’s vantage point, the status quo is no longer adequate: we need to have a vision of the future and convey it to our current membership.” That approach is doomed to failure. Any “visioning” or strategic planning that doesn’t get the membership involved right from the start just isn’t going to work.

The ARRL HQ staff just doesn’t have the horsepower to pull this off properly. The staff is already pretty bare bones, and they still have to publish QST every month, keep Logbook of the World running, process thousands of license applications, etc., etc. The only way this is going to be a fruitful effort is if they get members—and lots of them—involved in this process.

If you agree with me, please let your director know. Contact your director and tell him that you want to be involved. The status quo of having the HQ staff not working with the membership “is no longer adequate.” That's how we got here in the first place.
Dan, KB6NU, is the author of the “No Nonsense” amateur radio license study guides and blogs about amateur radio at KB6NU.Com. You can email him at cwgeek@kb6nu.com.

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Members By License Class
Name Call Membership Status License Class
DiVecchio, Mark  K3FWT Full Member

Count = 1
Baum, Steve AA6VO Full Member E
Brooks, Steven KE6GXP Full Member E
Dickson, Ken W6MF Full Member E
Dillon, R. Don W6PLT Full Member E
Donlevy, Al W6GNI Full Member E
Durso, Chris AA4CD Full Member E
Dussia, Brent KJ6UMY Full Member E
Febraro, Albert
W6AAX Full Member E
Gonsett, Robert W6VR Full Member E
Good, Daryl WA5QMV Full Member E
Hanson, Mac W9WV Full Member E
Harrison, Kermit K6MY Full Member E
Johnson, Steve N0AYE Full Member E
Kadan, Kenneth K1KRK Full Member E
Kadien, Tom AF6UL Full Member E
King, Wayne
K6BFR Full Member E
Lara, Conrad KG6JEI Full Member E
Leonelli, Phil WF6L Full Member E
Paldino, Sal KN6S Full Member
Patten, Ron KG6HSQ Full Member E
Rotondi, John W6JBR Full Member E
Sadler, Jim K6OFE Full Member E
Spencer, Stephen KC6MIE Full Member E
Sylvester, Edward NI6S Full Member E
Taylor, Stephen K6SJT Full Member E

Count =    25
Ameer, Carol KJ6AFD Associate Member G
Badolian, Shawn KK6NLZ Full Member G
Baker, Noel KI6QYU Full Member G
Bart, Jon K6QVA Full Member G
Bell, Ron W6BJO Full Member G
Blankenhorn, Rick
K9RCB Full Member G
Borg, Randy KJ6YPO Full Member G
Di Mento, Joe KD6KUV Full Member G
Edwards, Nick KG6QWR Full Member G
Eyerman, Jim
KI6OHO Full Member G
Fisk, Charlie WA6SDX Full Member G
Foy, Bill N6OUI Full Member G
Gill, Robert KD6LVF Full Member G
Gonsett, Judith
WD6BEZ Associate Member G
Huhta, David N6EEG Full Member
Jones, Randy KD6UAK Full Member G
Knudsen, Cecil KE6FYB Full Member G
Monroe, Mark W6AMR Full Member G
Moynihan, Roger K6RPM
Full Member G
Olms, Randy KJ6AEU Full Member G
Perrine, Krissy KR6SSY
Full Member G
Perrine, Hayden
KG6YVD Full Member G
Rehder, Doug K6MXZ Full Member G
Stewart, Wallace KK6MBW Full Member G
Stewart, Rebecca KK6PET Associate Member G
Stubbs, Charles KK6OBH Full Member G
Turner, Forrest KK6BYR Full Member G

Count =    27
Bart, Michael KI6NRH Associate Member T
Brooks, Lynda KI6OHX Associate Member T
Byers, Jim KI6OCZ Full Member
Dickson, Lucy W6LBD Associate Member T
Dickson, Kevin KM6LAL Full Member T
Dillon, Lorna KI6PLS Associate Member T
Dudar, Gary K6GAD Full Member T
Dudar, Julie K9MOM Associate Member T
Durso, Adrienne N6XCU Associate Member T
Ertman, Karen KI6NJB Associate Member T
 Eyerman, Arlene KK6NOI
Associate Member T
Freeman, Gary KJ6AFG
Full Member T
Harper, Melia
KJ6GDD Full Member
Jones, Susan KF6GOY Associate Member T
Leonelli, P J KG6JCV Associate Member T
Monroe, Anne W6ANE 
Associate Member T
Paldino, Bea K6BEA Associate Member T
Parkinson, Bill KI6KVD Full Member T
Potter, Hal
KF6FHL Full Member T
Tillotson, Chuck KJ6AEY Full Member T
Weldy, Andrew KG6YWB
Full Member T
Wendelstein, Rose Ellen KG6KTK Associate Member
Zornes, Hy KJ6KLA
Full Member T

Count =    23


The ARES E-Letter
Letter at: www.arrl.org/ares-el?issue=current

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Roy Noon Hall, Fallbrook, California
August 5, 2017

The regular meeting was held at the home of Krissy (KR6SSY) and Hayden (KG6YVD) high above Rainbow.

President Jon Bart, K6QVA, opened the meeting at approximately 1515 and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

Jon asked if there were any announcements for meeting. He informed the membership about the dinner of appreciation that was provided by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. This program is conducted each year and is a "Thank You" from the chamber for volunteer organizations like FARC that assist them in their community activities. This year the gathering was at the Masonic Center in Fallbrook.

Ken, W6MF, gave a partial verbal financial report. The full report is shown below.

Checking Balance June 30, 2017
Petty Cash Balance June 30, 2017       $49.78


Membership Dues
ARRL Dues $108.00
Donations ($31.00 and $100.00)     $131.00

ARRL Fees  $104.00
Total  $104.00

Petty Cash Balance June 30, 2017
Expenses June 2017 0.00

Checking Balance July 31, 2017
Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2017    $49.78

With no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 15:40.

Following the meeting everyone was invited to join at Hayden's shooting range. Several members brought their own rifles and pistols and met at the shooting range for target practice.

Following the shooting range activity everyone gathered for a very nice dinner. Hayden had prepared, in his excellent fashion, a Tri-tip. Krissy prepared a large serving of her famous Potato Salad and the Lemon Squares for dessert were provided by Sue (KF6GOY). Good food enjoyed by all.

The Club thanks Krissy and Hayden for opening their home to the FARC Membership. We also thank them, and Sue, for the food that was provided. It was a very relaxing, fun filled afternoon and the food was excellent.

Ken Dickson, W6MF
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club

Technical Committee: Bob-W6VR, Chris-AA4CD, Daryl-WA5QMV, Ron-KG6HSQ, Brent-KJ6UMY

Duane, AA6EE is offering FARC members discount prices on ARRL items:
Duane, AA6EE is offering FARC members the Callbook 2017 Winter Edition CD for $6.95. Mention that you are a member of FARC & a bonus USB stick will be included if order confirmed by 8/31.
Duane Heise, AA6EE
16832 Whirlwind #F
Ramona CA 92065
(760) 789-3674
Callbook & ARRL distributor for 30 years
Any other ARRL item available @ discount: e-mail for price.
Email: aa6ee@cox.net
CA residents: add tax.
--- Callbook 2017 Winter Edition CD---
  • Run directly from CD, no installation needed
  • More than 1,600,000 listings
  • More than 60,000 QSL manager listings
  • Displays the station location on more than 250 detailed amateur radio maps including maps for all U.S. states
  • Online help for each screen
  • Label printing facility
  • Beam headings & distance information
  • Many additional features
  • Multi-Lingual: English, Spanish, German & French selectable
Comments and items of interest for publishing should be directed to: N6FQ@fallbrookarc.org
Ron Patten - KG6HSQ

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