Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Virtual Meeting, Fallbrook, California
September 5, 2020

Vice-President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the Virtual meeting to order at 1503 hrs.

The pledge of allegiance was conducted by Forrest, KK6BYR.

Brent, KJ6UMY, gave Ken’s last financial report.

Checking Balance July 31, 2020 $7,414.70
Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2020 $58.81

ARRL Dues $0.00
Membership Dues $40.00

ARRL Renewal Fees $00.00

Petty Cash Balance August 20, 2020 $58.81
Expenses August 2020 $0.00
Total $58.81

Checking Balance August 20, 2020 $7,454.70
Petty Cash Balance August 20, 2020 $58.81
Total $7,513.51

Ron gave the current temperature at Red Mountain as 111 degrees.

Ron indicated that with Ken’s departure, it would be necessary to appoint an interim Secretary/Treasurer. Ron nominated Brent. The nomination was seconded by Forrest and the appointment was approved.

Changes to the banking information and signatures cannot go forward until the club secures a Tax ID (EIN) number. This requires approval by the State of California before a request can be filed with the IRS.

Stephen, KC6MIE offered to email Ken’s new P.O. Box address to anyone requesting it.

Ron presented the results of a two question survey he sent out to the members via email. The first question was if the members were interested in the ability to pay dues via Paypal from the club website. The second question was whether the member would be willing to pay the transition fee. 34 members responded to the survey. 27 members were in favor of this ability. 22 members will willing to pay for the convenience. The capability will eventually be available on the club website, but this will not be possible until the club navigates the process of obtaining an EIN from the IRS.

Ron indicated that the club’s new post office box address is posted on the club website and should be used for correspondence.

Ron explained that the ARRL allows the club to retain $2 on each ARRL membership renewal paid through the club. This rebate is supposed to be possible using the ARRL website, but the feature doesn’t work.

Bob, W6VR, reminded the club that the 2 meter Red Mountain repeater will be offline tomorrow for maintenance.

Ron presented details for the Volcano Fire in De Luz. Units were sent to an intersection to the Los Gatos Rd. and Los Gatos Rd., somewhat east of the actual fire location. Dispatch provided the name “Volcano Fire” based upon the transition of Los Gatos Rd. to Via Volcano north of the intersection. The fire was actually closer to Tenaja Truck Trail, actually in San Diego County.
The fire was turned over to San Diego agencies the next day.

South of the fire area and west of De Luz Road is a pond with an island that was the location of special effects filming for the 1961 movie Devil at 4 O’Clock. The story of the filming was retold in the March 1, 2004 edition of the San Diego Union by staff writer Betty Johnson. Lawrence W. Butler was the owner of the ranch with the pond. Larry was a special effects director and offered his ranch for the filming. He was the inventor of the blue screen and winner of an Academy Award for The Thief of Bagdad. The movie is available for viewing on youtube. Ron fished in the pond in the day. Ron showed screen captures from the movie and pictures of the special effects setup from Life Book and Getty Images. Ron’s uncle was invited to the filming and Ron will continue his search for pictures.

Ron called for further business and members reported local temperatures.

Ron adjourned the meeting at 1547 hrs.

Brent Dussia, KJ6UMY
Interim Secretary/Treasurer
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club