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Public Safety Map Book

Web based mapping application:

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KJ6UMY Presentations
Capacitor 5/6/2017

Resistor 4/1/2017

Safe(r) Computing, Presentation

Links from "The history of surveying and equipment used in surveying, including GPS details" presented by Jim Eyerman, KI6OHO. October  2008 this is the site that I use to research vertical control point which we call bench marks. this is the site that we use to research zoning and other property information. This is the County of San Diego GIS site this site contains permit information on a given site. This is the KIVA site which is a new program at that County that tracks projects. Old information may not be available here and calling the Zoning Department at 888-267-8770 may be necessary to get complete information regarding the property in question. I have not used this site yet. this is the site where you can find out if any record of the monumentation for the subject property boundary was recorded with the County.


I hope everyone has some fun with these sites. Thank you all for being such a great group to have this discussion regarding Land Surveying with. Have a great day.





Other Links

IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System, I-100.  Recommended for ARES, Fallbrook

Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts

Tropo Ducting Reports

Ionospheric Map

Ham Links by AC6V

How to see your cell strength

San Diego Amateur Radio Guide

Amateur Radio Newsline

Station Performance

Buckmaster Call Book

RF Safety Calculator

Sunspot Activity



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