Local Emergency Nets


There are two major emergency amateur radio groups in the State of California.  One is called RACES, which stands for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services.  In San Diego County RACES is an adjunct of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept.  We are the “eyes and ears” of the Sheriff’s Dept. in case of a major emergency.  In the case of the recent fire in Fallbrook RACES carried out two main Functions.  We assisted the North County Fire Department with Communications between the Sheriff’s Dept. and the CHP.  We were also involved with Sheriff’s Animal Rescue.


ARES, which stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Services, handles health and welfare traffic for hospitals and the Red Cross.  During the fire we were in contact with Fallbrook Hospital and the Red Cross evacuation center at the Fallbrook High School.  We were also in communications with the Red Cross in San Diego.

Some of us are members of both organizations and have had training in both.


This is why our Tuesday night nets are so important.  During these nets we give out information as to where and when the training sessions are to be held and also upcoming events in which Fallbrook operators will be utilized.  The nets also give us a sense of whom we can call on in case of an emergency.    The last and most important reason is that we are all testing our equipment each and every week to make sure that our equipment is reliable.

If you want further information on these two organizations please call me at 760-723-1954.

Randy Jones, KD6UAK  (RACES, ARES, and Red Flag)