Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Roy Noon Hall, Fallbrook, California
July 1, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1500 by President Jon Bart, K6QVA.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Ken, W6MF, gave the following financial report:

Checking Balance May 31, 2017 $5,691.16
Petty Cash Balance May 31, 2017


Membership Dues     $240.00


None    $0.00
Total  $0.00

Petty Cash Balance May 31, 2017 $49.78
Expenses June 2017 0.00

Checking Balance June 30, 2017  $5,931.16
Petty Cash Balance June 30, 2017     $49.78

New Member: Kevin Dickson, KM6LAL

Members Dropped: Tony Allen, KU6E

Don Bixby, KK6SIA

Bobbi Bixby, KK6SIB

Ron, KG6HSQ, gave a report on the recent problem with the two meter repeater. The repeater has been intermittently shutting down. He had a Transistor and volt meter on display and demonstrated the effect that heat and cold had on the transistor. The 2 meter repeater was shutting down due to a cold environment so it was "down" usually in the morning. The vault where the equipment is located in an air-conditioned environment and was causing a "faulty" transistor to shut down due to the cold. He detected the problem and installed a "back-up" transistor and it had the same problem. He has now replaced the defective parts and the repeater is running normally again.

Ron reported on the recent Field Day activity. N6FQ had 50 participants this year at the site. There were 383 Voice contacts and 11 CW contacts with a score of 810. N6FQ scored 750 bonus points due to other criteria such as operating in a public place, having a public display and several other items. The total points submitted for the contest was 1,560. N6FQ worked 47 states. Missing were Alaska, Connecticut and Maine.

Ron presented a slide show of Field Day activities.

Bob, W6VR, showed some pictures taken from a camera on Red Mountain showing Ron, KG6HSQ, making his way up to Red Mountain to repair the two meter repeater.

Bob continued his story about the local interference that he had experienced at his home. He showed an area map of the property and houses in the neighborhood. It showed a number of DF points that he had charted on the map. Due to electrical lines, wire fences and other conductors in the area DFing magnetic interference was difficult but it did narrow the potential interference site down to a particular property even though the DF was not exactly on the location. During his search he contacted several people in the neighborhood in the area by phone to ask if they had added any new electrical items recently. All reported to him that they had not. The interference appeared to be associated with a timer. The interference appeared at the same time each morning and apparently went of sometime in the evening or nighttime hours.

He did his DFing with a small DF radio that has a rotatable antenna. While DFing the antenna could be rotated until a "null" was reached. At that point he could take a bearing and place it on his area map. His map showed that he had taken many bearings from multiple points on the area map.

In the end he gained information from one of the neighbors that he had already spoken to and they had informed Bob that there was nothing new. That neighbor later told Bob that his son was using a "grow light" to grow tomatoes. Since that revelation there has been no more interference from the "Tomato Farm".

Jon announced that the meeting in August would possibly be at Hayden, KG6YVD, and Krissy's, KR6SSY, home in Rainbow. Details will be published later. The club will have a meal from the left over Bar B Que from Field Day. Check the FARC website for further information as it is developed.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1620.

Ken Dickson, W6MF
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club