146.175 MHZ (+) Tone 107.2
445.600 MHZ (-) Tone 107.2

The Fallbrook Repeater, N6FQ is located high atop Red Mountain in Fallbrook. From this site our antennas have a magnificent view of Fallbrook and the surrounding communities. From Red Mountain our VHF repeater operates at 146.175 (+) tone 107.2 and in conjunction with this repeater we have linked a UHF repeater at 445.600 (-) tone 107.2. Any signal into one repeater will also activate the other repeater. To enhance the coverage of down town Fallbrook there are two satellite receivers, the one on the north end of town. The sites relay the received signals to Red Mountain for retransmission.

The club would like to express its appreciation to Chris Durso AA4CD, Bob Gonsett W6VR, and Bob Morrow WB6DIJ, for making our repeater possible.
Basic FARC Repeater Use Rules

Original Repeater

10 Year on Red Mtn. Presentation, PDF File

Red Mountain Site

NC Fire Site