San Diego County Packet


Frequency Type Call Alias Location NotesDirection
145.030 MHz          
  WL W6IM-1    - Pt. Loma  DM12JR
  Digi WA6MHZ-1 - Crest Not verified
  KANode WA6MHZ-7 - Crest Not verified
145.050 MHz          
  WL W6RDX-10 - Red Cross HQ
  WL KG6HSQ-10 - Fallbrook Power line arc degrade rx at times

WL KG6VVN-10 -

WL KN6B-10
  TheNet W6NWG-1 PALMAR Mount Palomar C or ViaDM13NH
  TheNet KD6AKT-5 PALMTN Dear Springs C or ViaDM13KF

TheNet N6FQ-1
FBKRM Fallbrook, Red Mt.
C or Via DM13JJ
  TheNet KA6DAC-1 MPK Monument C or ViaDM12SV
  TheNet KA6DAC-2 BLACK 36 Miles NNW of Yuma C or ViaDM23OB
  TheNet KA6DAC-3 ANZA Anza C or Via
  Switch KC6IKE-3 SAW Santee C: c ax1 cal, Has BBS
  BBS     KG6HSQ-4 FBKBBS Fallbrook Power line arc degrade receive at times DM13JJ
145.070 MHz          
  WL W6SH-10 - Coronado  DM12JQ
  Digi KJ6HOV   - Wynola (Julian) ViaDM13QC
  Digi K1CT - North Clairemont ViaDM12JT
145.090 MHz          
  WL XE2BNC-10 - TIJ Tijuana TV Towers
 HF auto forwarding should internet failDM12MM
  Node WB6WLV-1 OTAY Mount Otay

Digi XE2BNC-9
Near Palm Valley above Hwy 3 from Tecate to Ensenada 4100' 25 watts 3 db omni DM12QH
146.700 - MHz
Rep. W6NWG   Mount Palomar -Dup, Needs TX delay =>500

WL XE2BNC-13 - Tijuana HF auto forwarding should internet fail

WL KG6HSQ-13 -
Fallbrook Power line arc degrade receive at times

KG6HSQ-4 FBKBBS Fallbrook Power line arc degrade receive at times
223.560 MHz

  WL K1CT-10   - North Clairemont Intermittently AvailableDM12JT
431.500 MHz          
  WL W6SH-12 - Coronado 9600 bpsDM12JQ
  Digi K1CT - North Clairemont 9600 bpsDM12JT
WL--Winlink2000 Gateway, see
Digi--Digipeater uses Via to dumb repeat.
Rep.--Duplex repeater with minus offset, and needs needs long TX delay =>500.
TheNet--Can repeat with Via or do a Connect, smart digi, and menu of commands.
Node--Can repeat with Via or do a Connect, and menu of commands.
Sw--Connect to different frequencies or locations, menu of commands, and some digi.
Grid is for finding direction to point antenna etc. use app or program. Idea de KI6MBO

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